2023 Batch #3, EN, start-up

FOX Composites

f.l.: Founders Dr. Vito Leisner and Michael Welter

Batch #3

Category: Manufacturing Technology, New Materials

To solve global challenges such as emission-free aviation, the energy transition or the decarbonization of industry, new material solutions are needed, especially in the field of high-temperature lightweight construction. Ceramic fiber composites (CMC), with their superior temperature resistance and low weight make them ideal alternatives to metals and CFRP. One of the main reasons why this class of materials has barely made it out of research and into widespread industrial application is due to inadequate production technologies. The DLR spin-off project FOX Composites has therefore developed a novel manufacturing process that enables the reproducible, automatable and scalable production of CMC components for the first time. This paves the way for widespread industrial use. The fields of application are particularly in the area of high-temperature lightweight construction, e.g. in renewable energy generation, the aviation industry, defense technology and, above all, in the chemical industry.

It was the first accelerator for us at FOX Composites and we couldn’t have chosen a better one. The incredibly informative expert talks on all relevant topics for start-ups, the great team behind the program and, above all, the sustainable, large network were the biggest benefits for us. The Demo Day was a great finale and a real booster for us.

Dr. Vito Leisner