2022 Batch #1, EN, start-up


f.l.: Manuel Schröder a. Dr.-Ing. Friederike Kogelheide

Batch #1

Category: MedTech & Healthcare

GLIM Skin has developed a technology-based cosmetic product for individual use at home that uses plasma technology and blue light therapy to cleanse the skin without the use of additives and stimulates microcirculation and cell renewal. This combats inflammatory skin irritations in the long term and without side effects, and supports the healing of the skin in the long term. An app control allows individual treatment routines tailored to the respective skin condition.

The HIGH-TECH.NRW program is recommendable, especially due to the commitment of the team and the individual support you receive there. By focusing on hardware startups and at the same time being open to the industry, a broad network of startups is created there in which people can openly exchange ideas at eye level while at the same time receiving help from established industry experts.

Friederike Kogelheide