2024 Batch #4, 3rd, EN, start-up

Hydrogenea GmbH

Founder team from left: Dr Pit Podleschny, Marlene Reusmann, and Marvin Hodde

Batch #4

Category: Hydrogen Technologies

Hydrogenea develops and produces innovative membrane electrode assemblies (MEA) for the next generation of fuel cells and electrolysers, which enable maximum service life and efficiency while reducing scarce resources. As the basis for the catalyst layer, Hydrogenea develops and synthesizes long-term stable carbon nanomaterials onto which catalyst material is continuously deposited by electroplating. Compared to conventional products, Hydrogenea‘s MEAs are up to 20% more efficient and have a 10x longer service life. Based on a unique fully continuous roll-to-roll system, the process is easily scalable.

The 12-week accelerator exceeded all our expectations. It covered all relevant content – from IP and market analysis to fundraising. We were particularly impressed by the first-class network, which enabled us to have in-depth discussions and gain valuable insights from experienced experts. Special praise also goes to the programme managers, who provided us with the best possible support and expertise. A truly outstanding program!

Marlene Reusmann