2022 Batch #1, EN, start-up


Founder Enno DĂĽlberg next to his exoskeleton prototype

Batch #1

Category: MedTech & IndustrialTech

AUXSYS develops and produces active high-performance exoskeletons for a wide range of applications in disaster control, explosive ordnance disposal and CBRN, firefighting operations or rescue. Exoskeletons are designed to relieve or support their wearers in a wide range of activities and for this purpose have components such as

– sensor technology and evaluation to determine the wearer’s will to move,

– real-time data networks in the exoskeleton for control,

– highly efficient electronics and actuators to support the wearer,

– software to control and augment the exoskeleton and wearer,

– lightweight construction with carbon fiber reinforced plastic.

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