2024 Batch #4, EN, start-up

Regascold GmbH

Founders f.l. Sven Hudy, Dr. Carolin Krieweth a. Philipp Ketteni├č

Batch #4

Category: Energy Management, Cold Recovery

The Aachen-based start-up Regascold deals with the recycling of high-quality cold stored in cryogenically liquefied gases such as LOX, LN2, LCO2, LNG and, in future, green H2 and green methane. This cold released by the regasification process is fed into the customer’s cooling processes, reducing the need for electrical energy and thus CO2 emissions and the costs of conventional refrigeration. In addition to consumers of technical gases and refrigeration in sectors such as the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, chemical and plastics processing industries, the electrical industry and the entire supplier sector, LNG terminals are also in focus due to their large, untapped refrigeration potential.