2023 Batch #2, EN, start-up

Quantum Cybersecurity Group

F.l.: Founders Oliver Weimann and Sebastian Zimnol

Batch #2

Category: QuantumTech & Cybersecurity

Quantum computers are capable of breaking conventional encryption codes in data transmission in a short time. QCG is therefore developing a cybersecurity system based on quantum cryptography, consisting of specialized hardware and software algorithms that make data transmission secure against cyber attacks. This creates a completely new level of security for business-critical networks, especially in the area of security-relevant national infrastructure and communication. It is mathematically verifiable that even quantum computers cannot decrypt this system.

The HIGH-TECH.NRW programme is unique because it brings together exciting entrepreneurs with an extremely deep understanding of technology and thus raises undreamt-of potential. The network of mentors, investors and multipliers allows the teams to reach the next level at high speed and to solve the essential questions around the idea, the business case, the funding strategies and the first market presence. Unique for high-tech and deep-tech start-ups! Thank you!

Oliver Weimann