1st, 2023 Batch #3, EN, start-up

red cable robots GmbH

f.l.: GrĂĽnder Roland Boumann, Robin Heidel, Tobias Burger, and Patrik Lemmen

Batch #3

Category: Robotics

red cable robots manufactures industrial cable robots for large workspaces and high dynamics. Conventional robot systems are physically limited in their range
and become increasingly expensive and slower as the workspace size increases. This means that robotic applications in large workspaces, with large
large workpieces or with a high need for dynamics are difficult or even impossible to implement. Cable robots only have a small mass to move and consist of a platform including a robot tool, which is moved by coordinated winding and unwinding of connected cables. The cable robots from red cable robots can therefore also open up large workspaces with high dynamics, energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Target markets for the cable robot include the construction industry, logistics and aerospace.