2023 Batch #2, 2nd, EN, start-up

Alteva Technologies

f.l.: Founders Aiko Bernehed and Ida Milow

Batch #2

Category: Energy

Electromobility makes an important contribution to reducing CO2 emissions, 20% of which are caused worldwide by the transport sector alone. However, existing battery systems are too heavy to equip trucks, aircraft, or construction machinery. The DLR start-up Alteva has found a suitable solution to this problem: It is developing the next generation of lightweight and powerful lithium-sulfur-based batteries for sustainable, electrified transport.

HIGH-TECH.NRW connected us with excellent mentors from the deep-tech scene and enabled us to massively expand our network of experts and investors. The team has worked tirelessly in intensive exchange to accelerate our team and topic and has always been able to support us with advice and action. The crowning glory is the excellent events with countless participants from business, the investor scene and politics. We look forward to continuing to be active in the network in the future and helping to build up the high-tech scene in NRW.

Aiko Bernehed