2020, EN, start-up

House of Plasma

House of Plasma perfects production processes with plasmas based on innovative measurement technology developed in-house (Multipole Resonance Probe – MRP). Our market ranges from the coating of eyeglass lenses to the production of state-of-the-art computer chips. By using our sensor and control technology, resources and process times can be reduced, product performance can be increased and thus the return on sales of our customers can be increased.

The Accelerator was a great success for House of Plasma. We were able to obtain advice on many strategic issues and adapt our own planning. This includes, for example, business planning including market entry strategies and the financing concept. Technical components, IP management and sales were also further developed with the help of mentors. In particular, the industrial proximity of the program and the technical expertise for the market helped enormously. The team with Maria, Geoffrey and Moritz would like to thank you very much for the great organization and the still continuing cooperation!

Dr. Moritz Oberberg