2023 Batch #3, 2nd, EN, start-up

Plasma Additive GmbH

f.l.: Lukas Oster and Dr.-Ing. Jens Lotte

Batch #3

Category: Additive Manufacturing

The use of highly productive additive manufacturing processes, in particular the ARC-DED process (arc deposition welding), is held back by the complexity of the process and the necessary digital process chain. Current automation approaches and software packages are unable to cope with the process. The team at Plasma Additive has developed an innovative automation and operating approach that results in a highly productive system that is easy to operate. The operating concept can be reduced to individual product groups that are embedded directly in the machine control system, thus maximizing productivity, process reliability and operability. Plasma Additive‘s target sectors are the metalworking industry, heavy industry, aerospace, agriculture (recycling of wear parts) and vehicle construction (high-tech multi-material applications).

We greatly appreciate HIGH-TECH.NRW as it offers an outstanding platform for innovative technologies and research in North Rhine-Westphalia. The diverse resources and support options have helped us to sharpen our company profile and successfully drive the project idea forward. The inspiring community and targeted support make HIGH-TECH.NRW a recommended place to go for anyone working in the field of cutting-edge technologies.

Dr.-Ing. Jens Lotte