2023 Batch #3, EN, start-up

accensors GmbH

Founders Ramona Schütte-Kracht and Eike Kottkamp

Batch #3

Category: Sensor Technology, Flexible Electronics

accensors develops and produces flat, flexible SMD foil sensors that open up numerous new fields of application, such as sensor technology for consumables, flexible sensors for wearables or even component-adapted and design-free sensors. can be developed. The focus here is on physical sensors (temperature,
pressure, conductivity, etc.), electrochemical sensors (pH, sodium, potassium, etc.) and biosensors (troponin, haemoglobin, creatinine, etc.). The target markets of accensors‘ target markets are medical technology, biotechnology and the entire field of Industry 4.0, aviation, automotive and agriculture.

HIGH-TECH.NRW has enabled us to further develop our product. With the help of the many contacts and mentors, we continue to receive active support. HIGH-TECH.NRW is and was an absolute added value for us and a great help in the start-up scene!

Ramona Schütte-Kracht