2022 Batch #1, 2nd, EN, start-up


Co-Founder Patrick Bongartz

Batch #1

Category: IndustrialTech

BioThrust develops customized gassing solutions for bioreactors. These include, on the one hand, highly porous stirrers that simultaneously introduce gas bubbles into the reactor and lead to a better gas supply than conventional systems. On the other hand, BioThrust develops fluidically optimized in-situ membrane modules that enable purely diffusive, bubble-free gas introduction while at the same time circulating the culture medium very gently. As a result, bioprocesses can be gassed up to 30 times more efficiently without foaming and even sensitive biosystems such as cell cultures can be supplied with sufficient oxygen.

Participation in the HIGH-TECH.NRW Accelerator has paid off for our BioThrust team in many ways. I see the good organization and clear structure as a particular strength of this accelerator. You are really “looked after” here. What’s fascinating about this program is the diversity of the participating start-ups, so you have a very broad view of the technology newcomers in NRW. The network is also one of the main arguments in favor of the program: precisely because the focus is cross-industry, there is no competition and you can learn a lot from each other and get new input. Last but not least, we were able to convince the jury with our second place on Demo Day and received a lot of media attention for it. I would like to recommend the Accelerator to other tech start-ups and thank Heinz and Oliver for the strong cooperation!

Patrick Bongartz