1st, 2022 Batch #1, EN, start-up

Innovative Robot Delivery

f.l.: Boris Mayer a. Christof Schares

Batch #1

Category: CleanTech & Logistics

Innovative Robot Delivery addresses ‘carrier-free’ parcel and mail delivery with a holistic approach that includes the automation, digitization and optimization of all distribution logistics processes. Every step in the process, whether physical or non-physical, is handled entirely with robotics and digital data processing, enabling continuous real-time optimization and minimization of all resources used. At the core of the business concept are so-called parcel mobiles, which combine a ‘mini depot’ or ‘mini high-bay warehouse’ for storing and transferring parcels with an electrically driven vehicle.

In the 3 months of the HIGH-TECH.NRW Accelerator program, we, Innovative Robot Delivery, have completely skinned ourselves once at an unbelievable speed in terms of our presentation, argumentation, and the way of presenting. The combination of real start-up experience, broad network, and, above all, the will and willingness to support the participating start-ups at any time (even on Sundays!!) and seriously push them forward makes this program so valuable.
Apart from that, we also really had a lot of fun. Congratulations to every startup that makes it into this program.

Boris Mayer