2022 Batch #1, EN, start-up


f.l.t.r.: Niclas Fritz (BatchOne), Jonas Böhm (Funktion*), Pascal Stüsser (Funktion*) u. Maurice Bray (Funktion*)

Batch #1

Category: Smart Textiles

Funktion* has developed the first all-in-one hardware and software solution for the apparel industry that enables the simple integration of smart functions into clothing. On the hardware side, the KontaktGrid*, a bus system of cables and connectors specially developed for textiles, forms the basis for the power supply, connectivity, and mechanical attachment of the function modules. The functional modules, which are integrated into the clothing, cover the technology areas of sensors (accelerometer, magnetometer, thermometer, hygrometer, luxmeter), actuators, light, heating, haptics and battery. On the software side, neural networks/AI are used. With the technology of Funktion*, smart textiles can be realized for the end consumer, which are highly customizable and expandable in their functions at any time due to their modular architecture.