2023 Batch #3, EN, start-up

deeplify GmbH

Co-Founder Jan Löwer

Batch #3

Category: Quality Inspection, AI

deeplify specializes in computer vision and artificial intelligence and develops customized algorithms that are used by industrial companies in the field of non-destructive material testing (NDT) and support the automation of inspection processes. NDT is used in many industries, where the inspection results are typically interpreted “manually” in a time-consuming process. The algorithms developed by deeplify are based on deep learning architectures and, in addition to detecting anomalies and defects, enable more accurate and faster defect determination compared to trained quality inspectors. deeplify‘s focus is on data analysis of complex inspection processes such as magnetic particle crack detection or ultrasonic testing and embeds these in a user-friendly platform that allows the inspection process to be managed and carried out autonomously. Target industries are primarily the manufacturing industry, but later also the oil and gas, energy and aerospace industries.