2023 Batch #2, EN, start-up


The founders with prototype “Strömchen”

Batch #2

Category: Energy

N-level has developed a highly disruptive modular battery management system with multiple applications and great market potential. N-level’s technology makes it possible, for example, to dispense with the formation process in battery production, which is a major bottleneck there, to use accumulators and battery storage until the absolute end of the service life of each storage cell, or to continue driving e-vehicles despite a defective battery cell, or to directly connect any two e-vehicles for energy exchange.

The work of HIGH-TECH.NRW has not only strengthened our confidence in NRW as a business location, but has also played a major role in making us feel much more comfortable here again, and we have shelved our plans to move the company abroad for the time being.

Florian Engel