2023 Batch #3, EN, start-up

ningaloo biosystems GmbH

Founder Dr. Herbert Müller-Hartmann

Batch #3

Category: BioTech, Photonics

Many newly developed drugs for cancer or autoimmune diseases are incredibly expensive to produce. This is mainly due to the fact that the
processes, particularly in the bioreactors in which these active ingredients are produced, are still very inefficient. The biotech start-up ningaloo biosystems is developing products that enable biopharmaceutical manufacturers to produce more efficiently and in a more standardized way and to reduce their currently still largely prohibitive costs through higher yields. ningaloo biosystems‘ platform technology for “opto-bioproduction” is based on findings from optogenetics and makes it possible for the first time to control the processes in the bioreactor in real time with the help of light, thereby saving resources and ultimately making the novel biopharmaceuticals affordable for millions of patients.

The HIGH-TECH.NRW Accelerator offers comprehensive support and input in the many challenges of deep-tech startup life. The team and the comprehensive exchange with the other startups have helped us in particular to sharpen our cross-industry external communication.

Dr. Herbert Müller-Hartmann