2022 Batch #1, EN, start-up


f.l.: Dr. Tobias Vöpel, Dr. Alaa Oughli a. Dr. Débora Moretti

Batch #1

Category: Bio-/Microsensorics & Agribusiness

NurtiSen‘s (former LiveSen) innovative biotechnology makes it possible for the first time to determine plant nutrients such as nitrate and phosphate with scientific precision directly on site.
This allows precise decisions to be made based on data-driven recommendations for sustainable fertilization. With the help of an innovative biosensor test strip, the associated measuring device and a satellite-based app, it is possible for farmers to determine the content of the most important nutrients of the plants in the fields, optimize fertilization and make optimal use of the cultivated area.

The HIGH-TECH.NRW Program was a perfect combination of mentoring sessions and in-person activities. All high level, both participating companies, mentors and the coordination team. Certainly a helpful program.

Débora Moretti