2023 Batch #3, EN, start-up

Hyperion Core GmbH

Founder Hyun Shin Cho

Batch #3

Category: Microelectronics

Hyperion Core is developing the first truly universal processor. Current processors are inefficient, inflexible and costly, especially when specialized system-on-chip (SoC) solutions are required for complex applications. Hyperion Core has developed a universal, disruptive processor architecture. By dispensing with separate CPU or accelerator cores, the area efficiency is extremely increased. This enables agile, software-defined systems and the ubiquitous integration of AI. Benefits: Significantly smaller chip sizes, exponential performance increases and outstanding energy efficiency, with significantly reduced costs thanks to the use of established manufacturing techniques. The technology is hyper-scalable and can support applications from simple household appliances or toys to high performance computing (HPC). RISC-V compatibility enables almost effortless integration into an existing software ecosystem.